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Real Estate Trade Details

So you don't have any money for a down payment or closing costs?

If you have fair credit and enough income to qualify for a bank loan, I  will take your motorcycles, boats, vehicles, guns or just about anything the has real value as a down payment, paid for or not! I will also help you with your closing costs. I have been doing this for over 45 years and some lenders  will allow me to do this. Also if  you have a vehicle payment that is keeping you from Qualifying because of your debt to income ratio, by using it as a trade with me paying it off, we may be able to get you qualified.

Do you need to sell your house before you can buy mine?

On the properties that are over at or over $400,000.00 I sometimes can take the equity in your current residence as a down payment. If you have a house that is valued under $230,000.00 this may be an option.

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